Author: Danielle Adams

  • Precision pressure control for the Veloce echelle spectrograph

    This “Alicats in the Wild” blog post comes courtesy of our Australian distributor, Duff & Macintosh Pty Ltd. Dr. James Gilbert was the technical lead for the Australian National University’s development of the Veloce echelle spectrograph, which is now installed on the 3.9-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. […]

  • Improving flow data with faster flow measurement

    Our world is moving faster and flow processes are not immune to this. Newer industrial communications protocols can deliver flow data from hundreds of flow meters in less than a second. This increased speed of data acquisition can improve your process, but the speed of your flow sensor can improve the data itself. In this […]

  • A smart approach to flow control

    ILS Automation makes the transition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) easier with Alicat mass flow controllers. Specializing in process integration for bioreactors, ILS Automation supplies precise control hardware and software to the fermentation, cell culture, and biofuel industries. When ILS needed highly accurate and reliable mass flow controllers that were easy to integrate, it found the […]

  • Flow measurement and control for environmental monitoring

    Types of environmental air monitoring applications There are many kinds of environmental air monitoring, including the three types of air monitoring listed below. Each one poses unique challenges for flow measurement and control. Ambient air monitoring examines the concentration of greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter (PM) that is present in the […]

  • Environmental monitoring made easier and more accurate with the FP-25

    Flow measurement is critical to air monitoring processes. To produce quality data, airflow through the system must be kept consistent – any fluctuations can cause the measurement to be off. This is easy to achieve inside a lab where temperature, air pressure and humidity are all carefully controlled. Of course, most environmental air monitoring takes […]

  • How can I take advantage of PID Tuning?

    Alicat flow and pressure controllers use closed loop control algorithms to achieve their highest degree of control stability. The algorithms are a mathematical relationship that dictates the response of the valve to the flow or pressure conditions. It assesses the difference between the set point and the process value—whether it be mass flow, volumetric flow, […]

  • The valve offset parameter

    How does Alicat do it?! How can a proportional control valve hit a setpoint from zero so quickly and accurately? Part of the answer is our valve offset setting. It’s like having a sprinter poised in the starting blocks, versus standing flat-footed, when the starter pistol sounds. Valve offset is an adjustable control parameter which […]

  • Totalizer Averaging Smooths Out the Data in Flow Measurements

    Alicat’s optional totalizer feature is a great way to meter the total flow through a system. Adding a totalizer to a controller means you can dispense fluids in set quantities. We call it batch mode: set a total mass desired, set a flow rate, and the controller stops when the delivery amount is reached. Totalizer […]

  • 7v Firmware Update Makes Interface More Intuitive for Alicat Flow and Pressure Instruments

    We’ve just made it easier to use your Alicat mass flow meters and pressure controllers from their front panels. This post has all the details on our 7v firmware update, which features a more intuitive user interface. If you’ve been with Alicat for very long, you’ve seen us add new menu selections to our flow […]

  • The RS-232 Communication Protocol and your Alicat instrument

    The 55-year-old RS-232 protocol is the default method of talking to Alicat devices. Aside from RS-232, you could configure your instrument with RS-485, Profibus, ModBus RTU, DeviceNet, and Ethernet IP protocols. For the bulk of our customers however, the tried and true RS-232C communication standard will remain the go-to method for commanding and reading Alicat […]

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