Month: May 2016

  • LabVIEW Pressure Control Makes for Easy Medical Device Flow Characterization

    LD Integrated Technologies is a consulting firm that specializes in system integration and automated testing projects. The firm often develops custom hardware, circuit design, embedded firmware and software to meet the needs of their customers. LDIT focuses especially on integration projects within the medical device, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive and oil and gas industries. LabVIEW Pressure […]

  • BASIS MFCs for OEMs now control to 20 SLPM

    Compact, versatile and accurate BASIS mass flow controllers are ideal for original equipment manufacturing and process integration applications buying in volume. Now the product line includes ranges of 100 sccm, 1000 sccm and the new 20 SLPM model, each with digital communications options. With the expanded range the new model provides, BASIS can now fit […]

  • New LabVIEW Drivers for Alicat Instruments

    Talking to your Alicat products digitally has just gotten easier. Whether you’re integrating an Alicat into a LabVIEW dashboard, or you’re using our Flow Vision software to log, control or optimize your flows and mixes, the new updates available on the download pages are compatible with our new Gas Select™ 6v0 firmware update. Alicat Scientific […]

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