Month: January 2018

  • Alicat recalibration certificate
    FAQ: Recalibration of Alicat Devices

    When do I need to get my Alicat device calibrated? We recommend sending your units back for yearly calibration. This upholds your lifetime warranty and allows our service department to check for any damage to the device. Over time minor physical changes to the laminar flow elements and pressure sensors inside the device and particulate […]

  • Why Recalibrate Your Alicat Device Annually?

    When exact measurements and highly accurate data is critical to the success of an experiment, test, calibration or other application, maintaining a precisely calibrated device is key. To meet the demands put on them, we recommend that all Alicat meters and controllers are recalibrated annually. When a device is sent in for recalibration it is […]

  • Four kinds of intelligent pressure control

    From nitrogen purging or filter characterization, through vessel pressure control and leak testing applications, Alicat instruments are versatile and easy to use, while still providing excellent process control. This is because they operate with very fast control response (50-100 milliseconds) and high accuracy. Our products are easy to program through a display interface, a serial […]

  • Alicat Electronic Pressure Controllers

    The new Alicat Electronic Pressure Controller (EPC) packs all the analytical stability and accuracy of our standard pressure controller, but in a compact form ideal for installing in high volume original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications, ensuring that the end product is outfitted with the best components available. From bioreactors to chemical analysis, quality control to […]

  • Reducing fluid control cost, complexity and inventory with Alicat MFCs

    Controlling multiple pressures and managing differing gases can be critical to getting the data you need but multiple variables often means multiple instruments, adding complication and cost to your system. With one Alicat mass flow controller, you have the ability to simplify process controls—limiting error points—while increasing parameters monitored, and therefore saving you money on […]

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