Month: August 2014

  • Alicat demonstrates the sensitivity of their MWB Series portable flow calibrators
    National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference 2014

    Alicat Scientific was happy to exhibit our portable flow calibrators for the first time at the National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference in Atlanta last week. We met many wonderful people who are helping to make our outdoor air more breathable and contaminant-free for the rest of us! At NAAMC, we debuted a “How fast can […]

  • Pressure Control for Automotive Catalyst Production

    This “Alicats in the Wild” post is adapted from the “Tech Talk” blog of Premier Control Technologies, Alicat’s distributor for the United Kingdom. See their original post here. Johnson Matthey is a leading international car exhaust catalyst manufacturer. Automotive catalysts made by Johnson Matthey play a critical role in reducing the harmful carbon monoxide, nitrogen […]

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